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@Regrann from @entrepreneur – Dan Ruch is the Founder & CEO of @rocketriphq, the startup that taps into behavioral economics to motivate employees to be willing and interested in spending much less on travel. Rocketrip’s enterprise software platform can accurately predict what a trip should cost in real-time and provides a 50/50 split to both employee and employer for every dollar saved under budget.

Q: Why do you do what you do?
A: I started my own company because there’s no more exciting challenge than turning a promising idea into a viable business. But now that we’ve reached that point, I find that the greatest source of motivation and inspiration is the team we’ve assembled. For an entrepreneur, it’s a really thrilling moment when you realize that the business has grown beyond your initial vision. There’s no secret to startup success, but I think there are a few common traits shared by successful startups – chief among them, a commitment to seeking out new ideas from all across the organization. I do what I do because I love being challenged and being part of a whole that’s greater than the sum of its individual parts.
Q: How do you keep yourself and your employees open to new ideas?
A: We were the first to identify a huge market opportunity in an industry that has historically been resistant to innovation. But pointing out what’s wrong with the status quo isn’t the same as perfecting the alternative. Our product today looks a lot different than the one we first built, and we hope that in another few years, it looks even more different. New businesses face a lot of skepticism, but it’s important for the toughest critics to be within the organization. We try really hard to foster an environment of positive self-criticism: half of you has to hate your own product, and the other half has to love the challenge of making it better. (📷: @pshreekar) – #regrann

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