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How to Position your Company for the Future

Nowadays if you want to stand out in the competition, you have to make a wise decision on whether to continue with your non-performance marketing principle or change to a more relational marketing. Before you make your choice, critically compare the market success by Virgin brand, Starbucks, among others with other companies such as Motorola and Nokia that didn’t evolve into engagement marketing. This is adding an human touch and not just want to sell and make transactions.

Relationship engagement is an innovative form of regularly providing fresh, relevant experiences for every touch over the course of a relationship, and continuously engaging with customers to understand their preferences. Still as a part of the move from transaction to relationship systems, cloud computing and advanced analytic, mobile enterprises and social businesses are converging. Such a kind of consumerization is likely to bring new ways of furthering relationships, create transformational business models, and craft longer term engagement.

The evolution to relationship marketing will bring forth an era of experimental kinds of business which apply flexibility and agility.

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