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Breaking the Script, Be Ready to be Remarkable

It amazing how positive unexpected favours happens to you, once a while. Don’t they cause you to be more grateful? If it was a store or business, physiologically you will be drawn to go back to that location, not that you are expecting a freebie after all, but you are more connected. I’m not talking about the freebies you collect at train stations, airport and so on.

Breaking the script of the norm allows the business provider and the customer to connect on another level. Once a service provider realised they need to be remarkable and do something different from the usual leaves a long-lasting image on the consumers. I can never forget a few years ago, when we took out a mortgage, within our first month of moving into this beautiful house, the bank sent us a good sizeable and unexpected welcome housewarming gift.

When we see business provider allows their employees to be creative and have autonomous, retention rates increases. Employees will find it difficult to leave. Southwest Airline (youtube their creative safety announcement) employees were allowed to be creative, show some flair and have the space to execute this. What a fresh breath of life they’ve brought into the cabin. These are the moment that is different from customer’s expectations and made flying enjoyable.

These short experiences and moment defies all expectations and has a long-lasting impact, which helps to build a stronger connection. Customers will be more loyal and spend more, the business provider will potential revenue boost and create a TRIBE and the Employee has a sense of belonging to a TRIBE with the greater purpose that’s tangible and impactful.

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